Welcome! I offer a safe, clean, high vibration space in which to call forward your own divine connection. Receive directly, unconditionally and immediately the guidance and assistance, love, support and healing that you need at this very moment. You are pure and a child of innocence. You are already directly connected to God / Source / the light. You require no teachers, teachings, training, instruction, satsangs, meditation or mindfulness - secret or ancient techniques - knowledge, theories, methods, paths, or spiritual or physical practices. You are a divine being!

Tune in every Sunday at 19:00hrs Universal Time wherever you are in the world. Attend a public drop-in space for adults / teenagers or a children's group near you. Book a personal session with me. Come to one of my talks. Or read my blog in the Live Book section of this website. I give freely and exist entirely by donation. To make an offering to support my work, please click here >>