Welcome! I bring divine consciousness forward more powerfully into your body and help to release the heart-knot of seeming separation. Shift into alignment with the core of your being, the skies and the earth. Receive the healing of the issues you require at this very moment. In the space that I hold, the parts of you which work against the divine are integrated and released. Ask me to focus on you, a friend or a loved one remotely. Tune in on Sundays at 7pm UTC for 30 minutes to receive more. Come to one of my public talks and experience a group healing. Book a personal session or retreat with me to deepen in your purification. Ask me to run a group, offer a talk and / or personal sessions in your home - or invite me to lead something at your centre. Make a financial contribution towards my work. Or contact me via Facebook / email to find out more. I give freely and exist entirely by donation.