Welcome! I bring in the next frequency above your present field, which integrates and releases anything obscuring your communion with the very highest levels of source energy. You are always directly connected with the skies and the earth, but personal issues, thought forms, the mind and denser more negative energies can start to take over and influence you - making you feel you have lost that connection and are out of alignment. In reality you are always pure and these heavier energies seek release through you. However you must exist at a higher frequency than any obscurations in order to assimilate them. This is what I facilitate. Come to a public or home talk and experience a group healing. Ask me to focus on you remotely, a friend or a loved one. Book a personal session and meet with me face-to-face. Tune in on Sundays at 7pm UTC for a free 30 minute session. Ask me to offer a talk, group healing and / or personal sessions in your home. Make a financial contribution towards my work or contact me to find out more. I give freely and exist entirely by donation.