"Known for her unique ability to transform people's vibration through Silence, her presence, visual gaze, word and touch; her fascinating personal journey, spiritual experiences and advanced studies in Tibet, China and India; her brilliant talks and blogs on working with a variety of energies, healing, intuition, entity and space clearing ... amongst other topics ... "

I give freely and work entirely by donation. In public talks / group healings, monthly and individual focus sessions, I help to more deeply embody the love that is all existence by removing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues. I simply focus on you ... whatever is no longer needed falls away ... and more of you emerges as that loving force itself. Effectively a powerful purification takes place: I have no idea how this happens and I have long since stopped trying to work it out. I am 45 now and have learned above all that while we are this force and we can reconcile everything to its vibration - we may fall victim to the many figures and agendas within and around us who mostly unwittingly do not have peace as their priority. I have found that no theory is needed for this way of being and that wherever there is an explanation, an organisation, a course, a workshop or a teaching, you are being distracted into something else. Essentially this is not about "me" though of course many of you are eager to know about me. I am far more interested in you living happily in your full potential than talking too much about myself. This way of being has emerged and come to the fore over many years and since childhood. It has obviously changed me irrevocably and that has most particularly been a physical journey. My body has changed a great deal in order to be able to do this work. It's important to understand that I am not a healer, a channeller, a teacher, a light worker, a therapist, an alien or an enlightened being. I am completely human - capable of anything - just like you. The nature of my work means I travel a great deal, something which I love, and that I also seek out magical spaces in nature and wilderness places in which to rest and relax. I have a boyfriend and a sister and I think that this is an incredibly important time in human history. We have the chance now to live from our own selves: our own bright light which is so desperately needed. It is time to step forward and reveal ourselves as the loving and brilliantly gifted multifaceted beings that we are. There is nothing that we as human beings cannot undo and achieve if we wish to. There is nothing in our way. It is just a question of whether we will do this from our vibrant heart-based nature without the need to dominate and take the credit ... or whether we will leave it once again for another day. Personally I would like to see an end to waiting for others to do it for us and for everyone now to move forward in the understanding that life is what we make it. We do not need to be self-protecting, strategic or try to work it out - our simple purity will carry us. I have found that when we value integrity above everything else, what needs to happen flows from us and we act in awe and humility. You can transform this world simply by being the love that you are. This planet is the most incredible and amazing place: make it yours and the rest will come!